Inspired from his trip to the Andes, Wolfsheart invites you on a colourful musical journey of soothing contemporary melodies through flute based Native American music in their various distinctive timbres between tradition and vision including the video “Walking The Wolf Path“.
Included in this collection three of contemporary music’s most popular songs like „Let It Be” ~ „N’oublier Jamais” ~ „House Of The Rising Sun” performed in a decidedly sophisticated and romantic way.

Released 2016
Label: G.I.Records



“I have to say this is the best new style of old traditional music I have heard in a long time. Wolfsheart holds true to his heritage in his flute playing and yet as his spirit flows out through each note he plays it becomes very apparent of how deeply his love of our People really goes. Wolfsheart brings back the magic & wisdom that has been lost in the traditional style and in a sense given a rebirth to the old ways and music by presenting them to the young in a new fresh and vibrant way while maintaining the greatest respect to the Elders and the teachings of the old ways…” » The Gathering with Doc Shadowbear