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“Acoustic Sunrise” released 2024
Das zweite Album gemeinsam mit dem versierten Gitarristen Robert Horak. Nach 3 Jahren Entwicklung und Produktion haben die beiden wieder eine 6-track EP mit Liebe zu handgemachter, ehrlicher Musik und einer Leidenschaft für akustische Klänge produziert. 

“Flute Meditation” released 2022
15-Track Collection Of Wolfsheart’s Best Songs for Meditation
The compilation delivers a meditative and deep tracks that originally appeared between 2010 and 2020 on five Wolfsheart studio albums.

“The Orpheum Tapes” released 2021
For this experience, we opened the door to a venue in Vienna called the Orpheum. The band went there for a live recording – but without any audience, because of the Corona pandemic. A treasured moment in a strange time. We entered the stage, gathered in a circle and let the energy flow. With strong and vital emotion, reflecting our very own way of improvisation. 

“All Life Springs From Water” released 2020.
A melodic and relaxing album featuring the Native American flute combined with handpan, keyboards and hypnotic rhythms that take the listener on a healing journey. Haunting, hypnotic, flute melodys embraced by Hang and piano. These 11 tracks take the listeners on a mystical musical journey, all the while honoring the distinct voice of the Native American flute.

“Acoustic Ride” released 2019.
Six tracks create a musical journey of Native American flutes combined with the wide range of guitar artistry from Robert Horak. This melting pot of Folk and World Music sounds fresh, unique and diverse, without using technical gadgets or cheap showmanship. This album deliever the essence of music, made by hands, hearts ans with dedication.

“Heart Meditation” released 2017.
Listeners are invited to relax as Isabella’s Rottensteiner voice and Native American flute performances from Wolfsheart lead them on a meditative path through various stages of healing and release. Chakras, well-being, and sound healing are reflected in the song titles.

gdg“Into The White Desert Sky” released 2016.
Inspired from his trip to the Andes, Wolfsheart invites you on a colourful musical journey of soothing contemporary melodies through flute based Native American music between tradition and vision including the video “Walking The Wolf Path“.


“Wolf Moon Rising” released 2012.
The wonderful sound landscape invokes the atmosphere of white snow, the lighting of fires and of dreamy melodies which are a musical tribute to the spirit of winter and take the listener on a spiritual and emotional journey. This album will bring a sense of peace, calm and harmony to crackling fires at home.

“Kitchi Manitou” released 2012.
Wolfsheart´s first storytelling CD: “Kitchi Manitou – Native American Myths, Legends, Songs and Stories”. He weaves Native American stories with tribal drumming, flute and nature sounds. This quality compilation of indigenous myth’s is especially selected for younger audiences.

“The Call Of The Canyons” released 2010.
A wonderful blend of ancient and modern as wood flutes and earthy drums blend with synthesizers and percussi string section gives a cinematic air and sense of drama and majesty for the flute to glide on like a hawk drifting on updrafts above the canyon. All in all, a deeply felt tribute to a sacred space”… (Awareness Magazine, US)






Albums with his band Big City Indians:

Tuwa“Tuwa” released 2012
This music reminds us that we’re all indigenous to the earth. Hear the thunder, hear the earth crying out, and feel the power of native wisdom through this diverse compilation of musical styles….(Earthday Radio, US)

Tribal Vision“Tribal Vision” released 2009
What they produce musically is of the highest quality, totaly authentic. The production is cris and they playing is first class. They really are one of the most unique bands plying their wares in Europe today; no other acts is doing anything quite like this…(Maverick Magazine, UK)

Native Heart - Urban Soul “Native Heart – Urban Soul” released 2003
The release is powerful. They capture the essence of Native spirit.  With a foundation firmly planted inintertribal music, BCI combines Native sounds and themes with rock and roll and blues. The result is simply spectacular…  (Whispering Wind Magazine, US)

Uncle Peyote“Uncle Peyote” released 1999
Big City Indians donate a dollar from the sale of their first CD to KILI radio on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, so that a nation can keep their voice!


His first flute album: Dreamtalker by Wolfsheart & Mexx:

Dreamwalker Harmonized“Unofficial Harmonized Chill-Out Tapes” released 2006.
Full of calmness and relaxation. The Native American style with all specific sounds and instruments brings your consciousness high above the ground, outside your body and makes the listening more than just enjoying the music… (Radio Powenet, Bulgaria)

His second flute album: Dreamtalker by Wolfsheart & Mexx:

Tree Of Life “Tree Of Life” released 2007.
The only sound of a tender flute – Which calls you for a trip – Again.
A charming Native American flute and a delicate, very careful accompaniment of electronic keyboards and followed by Native Americans´ chants … (New Age Topics, Republic of Belarus)