Acoustic Sunrise

Three years.
It has taken three years of experimenting, creating and producing.
Three years of joy and creativity.
It was worth any second.
Now we are proud to present the result: The new album called “Acoustic Sunrise”.
This is the second effort of my teamwork with great and experienced guitar player Robert Horak.
We offer six brand new tracks, prepared to take you on a journey of diversity, guided by our passion for authentic, acoustic handmade music.
On the way you will find different styles like Rock, Thrash, Americana, Folk and even meditation sounds.
A two man-orchestra can be more than some might expect –  it is a unique combination with a big room for inspiration.
Some very fine musicians have helped us on the CD, as you will hear. .
So every melody, every part of the musical soul is connected to the source of emotion.
Check it out and let the spirit flow.

Label: Kokopelli Records / Released 2024







“Clouds (Of Endless Sound)” is a track from our album.

This blunt and heartfelt clip takes place on a vintage Chevy Apache pickup truck.
A great symbol for freedom and adventures, while driving down the road of existence.
And a really good place to sing about the ups and downs in life, everybody knows.