“Acoustic-Line” feat. Robert Horak   
Magical Spirits Of Flute And Guitar 

The duo combines sensual melodies, brought to life by various Native American flutes, with the acoustic guitar’s subtle rhythms, relaxing handpan and weaves them into a beautifully harmonic tapestry of sound.
Their stylistic spectrum ranges from traditional American folk singer-songwriter, meditative roots, all the way to Rock and Blues, at which the Native American flute delightfully intertwines with Robert Horak’s acoustic guitar.

In doing so they combine traditional as well as contemporary styles to form simple arrangements, which at the same time underscore the compositions’ rich diversity.
By utilizing their respective voices as well as their vast instrumental repertoire, they are able to render a special touch to their performance.
Additionally, by pairing the gentleness of the Native American flute with the elegant notes of the acoustic guitar, the duo takes you on an endless journey to magical and music inspired sceneries, filled with self-composed songs and also well-known standards.

This mixture crafts a unique sonic image of extraordinary clarity, which relaxes the mind and enriches one’s soul.
Ultimately, the soundscapes of the various pieces will give rise to a variety of meditative and relaxing as well as smooth and lively atmospheres.


Juli 01     Himmel und Wasser             Austria
Juli 06     Wolf Science Center             Austria
Juli 00     Himmel und Wasser             Austria
Juli 13     Coconut Candle Light Dinner  Austria
Juli 21     Summer Of Art Festival        Austria
Juli 27     FestDobréRybníky              Slovakia
Juli 28     FestDobréRybníky              Slovakia
Sept. 22   Friedl Gastro                     Austria 
Sept. 29   Kulturverein Marchfeld        Austria
Okt. 26     Flockerlhof                       Austria
Nov. 10    Salzheilstollen                  Germany